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Pascal Sellier: Philosophical Dialogue - Taking II

Pascal Sellier wrote:

Dear Andrew,

thousand apologies for this long silence. I was, besides many trips taken by intense activity in recent times.

Add to this a configuration problem on my laptop that stop me now check my Hotmail (hence the change of email address) and you get a very late response, what I hope you will forgive me.

I saw on your site that you have posted our correspondence in the passage giving me a funny nickname.

In the last email I have read, you proposed therefore continue. That continue? Our recent quasi-philosophical digressions on spanking and its corollaries sex? Or epistolary play that I proposed, subject to the whims of another heroine from the imagination of one?

My answer, greedy "Both, sir! "As one and one I try and relate in my mind.

's attack if you like, the philosophical side, before I do that book, the more twisty and hilly deliciously heroin I'll tell you ... and who I think will seduce you ...

You want once, I think, to converse with me via a webcam, an object which I am, alas, for us to do without further knowledge. We're going to have to switch between the eyes and we just that of the mind.

I am still embarrassed to talk about me without you lie or annoy you lack confidence.

Certainly, it would be extremely easy for you hoax, or at least disguise reality.

I can not intellectually resolve myself. No more than I want to tell you much about me. I practice

a public profession (journalist) in which all individual behavior is watched, dissected. The lower story is repeated, peddled, amplified, and distorted. So spread the risk of seeing around me, the gossip that would not fail to peddle some unwelcome, if they had ears that I frequent a particular forum dedicated to the worship of curves callipygian zebra and reddened abused. The stake would also surely revived if noised about that the pervert that I am not content with tormenting of sprightly young women in games uncommon, worships at the ruins of Sodom.

It's a risk I can not run, regardless of the esteem I feel for you and also

... I hope you understand, but I do not want you if I turn the back.

I am a Parisian by birth and I'm 45. I'm no literary training, but economic and legal. My current job is the result of an encounter, sometimes as life in reserve, with a valuable man whose only weakness that I know of is having had to take the friendship for the little pedantic Golden Boy I was twenty years ago. It is with him I first tasted the delights of the professor and games of the Marquis, who have never been out of my life since.

His disappearance two years ago allows me to tell you today, without betraying his memory. He was a prominent member of the very closed circle of the great authors who are studied during the aggregation tion of modern literature. I think it is unnecessary to say more about me. Unless of course you do not want to wonder about a particular aspect of my life. I'd be happy as long as you allow me to keep anonymity, away from preciousness. Anonymity that I liken to the wolf carnival of Venice, although the tone of our correspondence. I

Besides, remember a night at Cipriani, who gave me one of my finest pleasures Sade. I shall tell you one day.

But back on topic, or, more exactly to our sheep ... and the cry of rebellion that I sent you long ago: Yes sex before, during and after the spanking!

Invest fingers yards, language or any other object of our beautiful ports lovingly castigated would be a taboo for those who narrate, describe complacently, even filming the stinging corrections given to repentant ridges. In the various forums that I could attend, these shameless fathers, these bogeymen are shocked and condemn ... principals, mentors and lovers who, after punishment, grant forgiveness, redemption and above all joy and pleasure in exchange for the surrender of the aforementioned holes. That's what upsets me. It is nonetheless true that mutual consent is and must remain the basis of this relationship ... We must not forget that sex scene where everything is convenient constitutes fiction .... (In Silence of the Lambs, Anthony Hopkins when eating a human liver, that's fake ...)

Andre Come, let us continue to make us happy ...

friendly with my memory ...

A. Gilles Ledoigt

PS: A very fast, so I can "present" your future heroine, Juliette ... actress of her condition (Smile. ..) and wife of a billionaire pervert who introduced him to accept and penchant for the pleasures that we love.

André Martinet wrote:

Dear Pascal,

To the question "What pursue games or epistolary almost philosophical digressions? " I also answer and enthusiasm: "Both, sir! "And we agree in our conclusions. Thank

indications that you provide me with your mentor. An exceptional person whose presence in your life confirms that our new way of loving can be the act of a man of value and quality.

As for the need to move forward under the mask in this carnival of soft excesses, extremes of intimacy, sensual and consensual in nature and it is, so to say, tradition. Our happiness a bit special but O how eager and, yes, if generous are properly experienced, are the antithesis of exhibitionism-voyeurism of reality TV, like these burlesque shows with guests and grapple s'étripent at the instigation of the leader and in a concert of whistles, of boos and applause during ... interspersed with sallies pubs where they aim to regulate his stories of money or buttocks with a crash before two million listeners. Not only

anonymity under which we speak we guard there at all from gossip, dirty tricks and hypocrites. It allows our readers to appreciate, or no, but with the benefit of an option that suits them well, ideas and feelings, inclinations and pleasures here put forward with a full civic freedom, respecting everyone's rights (e) and without insulting anyone . Because if we choose to offend some conveniences, kits, torn pants off the French to make the best beat and whining, of grasps his crotch like a lady to touch the heart, to titillate the haughty and whip her rump plump for better style and punish it awaken the sleeping rider filly, our honor is called ardor and love intellectual integrity.

As we alight with the bright canvas of the Net, a thousand bonfires from which radiate a more frank a variant of pleasure, another way to love when we give the speech. Thus we multiply contacts between ardent supporters of love who have the courage of their sensuality and concern for the happiness of others. Thus e breaks out in a carnival of rejoicing disorders naughty but good ... the golden shower of fireworks that fill our heart and they are the language, the flares of Smart inventions designed to renew with that which is not only passing the initial thrill of the first congress which nostalgia grips us. Thus we will be free, liberated and libertarians, but never libertines.

is also the spirit in which I can imagine our literary collaboration. Beyond the tangible realities, anatomical, whose registry a few short runs out quickly despite the verbal resources that our profession is at our disposal, it should not paint the world of feelings and values related to this erotic? As a practitioner knows warned, far from falling selfishness primary, a complacency in the triviality of a contempt of a healthy physical and mental health of common sense, our design preferences can express any well balanced and unselfish relationships. This song combines the modulated tones of the body, heart and mind, and avoids interpreted pianissimo paroxysms too obvious hyperbole ras-le-bol. We join us in our aims?

For the purist wanting the eroticism of spanking can be combined with other expressions of love by the effect of a sort of monomania, it does not seem to have frequently observed among my circle of acquaintances who share our beliefs. Maybe he should write all the liabilities of an erotic XXX extremely simple in design and whose primary scenarios overwhelm us and another one there ... or guess the unfortunate effect of love passing too fleeting and superficial that body language expresses some feeling. And tenderness? Brothel. That would make a good movie title and brings me back to the concerns suggested above.

Hope to read you all the benefit of our Customers also anonymous, but are still present, if I think my storyteller that increments in ex ... ... ... gold cable ... mang.

André Martinet


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