Monday, April 23, 2007

Arterial And Venous Ulcers Differencies

schoolgirl dreams ... and nightmares: Atom Egoyan's Exotica

In concert usually easygoing, picturesque and harmless that has too often given the Canadian film, EXOTICA of Atom Egoyan demonstrates, as if to confirm that we can design a cinema devilishly relevant from the anxieties and indignities that are beating a rhythm on the human heart darker in a country where life does not take away from it, the accents of a symphony pastoral.

Among the characters who populate his canvas woven artistically we travel the spiral to reach the epicenter, Christina (Mia Kirshner) schoolgirl effeil occupies pride of place it deserves by the magic charm which she disorder we hypnotized, signature of any natural innocence violated and exposed. All the pounding accents of Everybody Knows Leonard Cohen which treats us, darkly incantatory hymn to nothingness, lying, hypocrisy, violence, the sinking of skewed consciousness and lives lost, swept away in a world where everything capsized.

Everybody knows the dice are loaded That
Everybody rolls With Their fingers crossed Everybody knows
thats the war is over Everybody Knows The
good guys lost Everybody knows
The Fight WAS
The fixed poor stay poor, The rich get rich That's how
it goes Everybody knows

Jewish origin and Buddhist monk, he must do, Cohen is one of the singers and poets and more established in English Canada. It combines with a rare ability to evoke the spirituality and passions of the flesh is screaming that we oscillate between craving and satiety to let us on the floor when the dreaded moment comes to say goodbye (see Closing Time) .

Let us. Club Exotica where Christina and other swallows exhibit themselves in the wee hours is not a brothel, because there reigns the inflexible set of look but do not touch administered by a manly grip Eric ( Elias Koteas) DJ-dream-master-to-bouncer-small hours ... and holds a BA in communication please - wink Egoyan to top-flight university courses leading to professional prospects hypothetical.

former lover Christina He agreed to knock, and commissioned into service contract duly concluded and signed Zoe (Arsinee Khanjian, Egoyan's wife) , patron of the establishment. When was the last speaker to the teeth, it fills more than kisses Christina maternal until our stripper discovers in flower pot to the roses.

In track and at his table, Christina performs its gyrations for the benefit of Francis (Bruce Greenwood) Canada tax auditor whose daughter, authentic schoolgirl good family and budding pianist - - this is the dark heart of the plot - Was raped and murdered two years ago. He found the reincarnation fantasy in the number of Christina, former guardian of her missing child. Revelation at the end of term over the flashbacks: they are Eric and Christina who discover the body, during a police sweep in the open field. Full Circle at the price of a series of coincidences that force the note in a city like Toronto, if these people are not all from the same suburban area, which is not excluded.

members of the household to four singular weave the warp and woof of their destinies and their conjugates respective secrets to reveal, while the plot Delov is then revealed. Hothouse of burgeoning sense of artificial palm trees reminiscent of the kitsch version dense jungles of Henri Rousseau, the Exotica has on its customers the enchantment of desire for a fee awake just enough to benefit from male to look a little much on-the abyss of dreams in his blue chiaroscuro without tipping altogether, because inevitably comes the time of closing which tinkle the cash register.
mirrors without t eint establishment operators allow their customers to spy lurking in turgor. They complete the picture where l'égotisme jouit de voir sans être vu tandis que le narcisse, titillé, s'offre à titre onéreux la prestation convenue d'une exhibition sur commande en guise d'entertainment .

De sa voix de barcarolle de second plan, Eric situe le tout :

« Let me ask you something gentlemen. What is it that gives a schoolgirl her special innocence? Her sweet fragrance? Fresh flowers? Light spring rain? Or is it her firm young flesh inviting your every caress, enticing you to explore the deepest, most private secrets ? »

« Don't you think you owe it to yourself to do something that'll make you feel like you're someone special? You are someone special. Five dollars Is All It Takes to Prove It ... "

You are somebody. And it only costs five dollars to prove it ...

Thus requested, the pupil fills his lost honor customer has swaying USSI swaying heavily as possible that reflect a rebuild education. That ass who wants juvenile wriggles so much that we get lost in applying the rule of conduct. Sassy fantasy ... while the craggy baritone Cohen, hammering incantatory melody evoke the torment marking the end of a world scale. Emptied the box, Francis dreams of revenge Corsican and pass a hair of Eric révolvériser in backyard. Plague announced the inexpiable already committed - the killing of innocent children by the mad desire to find pleasures always steeper - threatens to unleash her plagues. A black angel goes, nothing more. And everybody knows

That You're in trouble Everybody knows
What You've Been Through
From the bloody cross on top of Calvary To the beach
of Malibu Everybody knows it
's coming apart Take one last look
at this Sacred Heart Before it blows

And everybody knows


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