Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Acid Is Burning My Throat

Love .. is to create links ...

... reminded St. Exupery, the patron of aviators. And when it comes time to get laid - blessed moment where the plot is tied flies and voluptuous at the same time - need to better reach the rope sensitive to a lover that she is very endearing and we are strongly attached notes. Otherwise, his fickle heart, now awakened her flesh could be the goat of Monsieur Seguin shaking so much weight the sweet yoke of love that she might get lost on some unknown dead end street which, what murky backyard where the wolf, crouching, lurking, eager to eat the raw, naked.

Freedom freedom baby? What crimes did not do we committed in thy name! That faux pas ... To be free, libertarian and released, he would still have this beautiful girl is point libertine. Do not betray confidence which his master's honor. Shows himself worthy of the affection he bears. Hence the need to periodically remind her tender duties in the demanding rigors of the hot rod or a seasoned trousers.

Do you agree that these cables which cors├Ętent these ropes of love that keep it in good pork, adorn her neck, her magnificent breasts, torso, hips, his crotch several s do they restrict? They embellish them in demanding fair deference to a pupil to the holder of the legitimate authority acting on it?

Do you think she is not found on her own in this room, in the alcove in the den, on his knees and then stretched and torn complacently on the sofa in front of the black eye and inquisitive this camera, all for his repentance disorder and satisfaction of your curiosity? His mischievous smile does not testify he not feared that these hardships are, so to speak, in his strings? She agrees wholeheartedly cettte deserved penance in the certainty that it will calm the fury which assail the explant while the head shots, the strokes, the cries, tears are the result of a fiery temperament , character of a bitch, plague, it gratifies the love of her life defending the heart of the latter?
Hence this time of reflection that he proposes and imposes. And to better promote his meditation, he tickles, strokes, handled methodically, fingertip coated with camphor ointment, sex drenched, hemmed, crumpled, blooming even better between the two white nylon ropes that they surround the plump pink part of the crotch and deeply, live in the path of the line at high heat.


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