Thursday, October 16, 2008

Malemasterbation Tech

Registration of students Remiremont

Register as a member of blog and writing a message

1. Creating an e-mail (email)

If you already have an address, go to 2.

If not, or if you want to change (or pseudo hotmail address too original. ...), Go to the site . Click on "Create my address" and follow the instructions.

2. Sending an email

Once your address is created, connect to your email account and send me an email at the following address: sir. simply stating "Maghreb" in Subject.

3. Create an account and register as a member of Blog

In your email account, you will receive a message from me asking you to join the Blog. Click on the link in the message. Create a google account. You now have access to the dashboard of the blog.

4. Writing a ticket

In the remaining time, click on "new message . Write your name and introduce yourself in a few words. Then, opening another browser window, look for a picture having a relationship with the Maghreb and save it on your computer. sure to take a picture that is not misinterpreted by the other side of the Mediterranean (ask me if you have any doubt ...). Go back to the window where you compose a message and click on "add an image " (little blue icon). Make " browse, select the image you selected and double-click it. Then click on "send a picture " then "Completed "When it appears. Your image should appear in your message. Add a short essay explaining why you chose this picture and indicate the source with a link to the site and then made " Publish Post." View Blog then refresh the page, your message appears on the blog. If this is not the case, yell for help!


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