Monday, February 9, 2009

What Does Light Purple Shag Band Mean

bubulle ...

last session of 10 SnG tables $ 2, I finished 2 times Bullard, 13th square, beautiful perf ;-).

first SnG: On the button, 3rd shortstack, no small blind open and my neighbors are shielded door locks: I obviously expect from carpet. And bam, a small decorative table. Okay, my friend Time Bank is here, I focus on a big hand in the second tournament = wrong! I sent the box with Q8o mechanically, in an open pot and restarted up to my belt by 2 of the chip leaders. And my only reaction time was "ah bah look, we see the flop."
Boooooouh the missread ... It could be nothing at all, but it begins to break my #@"'(% severe: I am not a single session without misfires in the genre, it's hellish to hover as well. And I do not see at all how to improve it, even when I force myself to take my time, I do the same, but in slow motion.

second SnG: shortstack jar unopened, I send with 99 SB, BB on my neighbor who has 3 more chips than me. That damn chattard of space back JJ. Re-Oops, but there's not much to do, I think that's standard ... Rigged.

short, we will do better tomorrow ...


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