Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Small Spots Of Blood In Knickers

gastroenteritis is + EV poker

Sick for a week, I worked my reading poker hands tonnes analyzed, tweaked an optimal strategy for the DoN to $ 5 ... And when I felt ready, I put the mouse a small series. A real return from the dead, because there was brokage which darted his evil eye while the famine, his girlfriend, rock welled up as whale under gravel ...

Do you, a bankroll that had fallen to 20 €, even for tournaments is $ 1 ... uh Size does matter what. I have a bit in perspective, made a beautiful cross on my BR lost and regained a desire to do battle thunder (it must be spring), go, go, come fight!

Again, I ignored the rules of BR management. I preferred the time to enjoy this nerves of steel to play where I think I have an edge, at least when I'm in great shape. The maps were there, my new strategy paid off, I followed up 9 wins in DoN $ 5 and here I am in the green lift.

But ...
I just had a bad snap. Perhaps a version of poker growing pains. Dilemma: I was so much more proud to start over on $ 1 and up like that, in workmanlike rather than risk the 95% brokage playing SnG full br 4. I'm really torn between my desire to do what all serious gamers, and be both respectful of the winner and $ hard earned, and envy Primary just play what a blast, because poker is a hobby, life is too short, my bankroll is nothing compared to my salary ... Perhaps it will suffice as my bankroll up a bit so I started to really respect it, maybe I'm basically a gambleuse and I'll end up broke every boundary. Maybe $ 5 is just a threshold below which incompressible I do not feel concerned by the issue. Basically I do not know, and when I ask myself I feel really silly with all these moods after dangerous ... $ 19.

It was fifteen minutes my life 36-15. Chrono
Trigger is a killer if not ...


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