Sunday, September 27, 2009

Littlest Petshop Word

Atlantic City, here I am! Review of past 2 months, I am!

Right now my life is like a psychological experiment whose theme is "increasing its resistance to the urge to stir the anus, the extreme art of the total gland. I speak to you live from the sofa, by dint of immobility I'm sure to get enough to crush the cushions to dig me a kind of stabilizing chute. Two months have passed since my last post, it is typed 18h and I would play well sit'n'go a little there, but you see the mouse is 40 cm, is dead. It's 6 am I'm trying to move me to go take a shower, but I'm so revulsion by the concept of "lift" that I managed to motivate me enough to make a semblance of note on this blog instead ... Ok, it's not too early and yes, this is a lazy blog ;-).

Fortunately, I'm leaving next Saturday treat this very tired by a 3-week stay in the States ...
There will be 2 nights in Atlantic City in the program, at Harrah's sleep and we look forward to an evening at the Borgata cash game and tournament deepstack, probably one of Harrah's! I can not wait!

Small summary of what happened at poker lately.

Previously, (not) be pokerGerbil (yet) ...


Sng $ 3.4 Turbo
Played: 33 Won
Net: $ 13.8
King: 12.3
An evening
tilt to $ -21 which I no longer remembered. An apparent volume of asthmatic baby trout, but not less poker provided: a sling load of qualifying freerolls Poker Tour France made me spend nights dreaming about the new interface between Winamax (argh), the decorations, crashes, the decorations, the crashes, the tracker whack, like a decoration, and the good spirit of fair play together (what a pleasure to play between French bastards). Winamax, it has long been my single room, it's still a team that I am the pro perfs with passion, but for now I am no longer able to play without tilter hairy, so I stop until it is calm.


Sng $ 3.4 Turbo
Played: 11
Net: $ 4.6
King: 12.3

A volume egg whiting asthma. But good, I was on vacation, not easy to plant the whole world to go online grinder either ;-). A tournament at the casino at 50 € Arcachon, if not beef than I had expected, but I did not shine so far ...

Emphasis southwest applied to poker is simply amazing. A grandpa moved and mouth:
"Well it is that he is the rock there?".
He plays one hand against a kid who shows him the drawing he throws, and Braille
"Oh, putaing, small, do you ever lâcheuh, thong tirageuh who-don't-you-teuh-flocheuh there, mettreuh had to go on the carpet there. " For me
second live tournament, second card dead tournament. A guy makes a crazy carpet 6 times, 3 with marginal hands like qs 9h, I'm with BB ah 9c I call with my remaining 4BB, he returned kh ks, no ace on the flop , and wham gerbils. Previously, I had lost most of my carpet, definitely favorite against something horrible having played like a queen, but I forgot the hand (it's convenient, eh? I agree, actually). And that's it, not deep enough to afford to lose 2 hands ...
I still made some good moves including one with air-cons 3bet PF raiser I had read a not very confident ... This may be trivial for you, but it was a first for me, and I felt invulnerable for a quarter of an hour later ;-).



$ 3.00 SnG
\u0026lt;T = 10j
$ 24.20
$ 2.00 SnG
> 10j
- $ 8.80
$ 6.00
SnG \u0026lt;= 10j T
$ 14.00

$ 5.00
- $ 11.00
$ 0
$ 0.00
$ 10.00
$ 3.00
$ 1.00
$ 8.90
grindage (not good) but a step taken: full of confidence I tried a mini-shoot on the 6.5 T. Conclusive, but I became aware of the gap, I'll wait for the $ 250 mininum before attempting the next shot, and I do not install under $ 300 bankroll and after having worked on Wizzard Sng. Approximations much less forgiving, it is shielded regs. For a change, I tried the turbo 180 players, and I found it bof: the constraints of a real-time tournament but not the excitement that goes with it, I stay on STT. The MTT

who wander are qualifying Job Stars, it was sold so well that I could not resist ... I'm going on break online poker until I return on October 24, so little hope of qualifying for that side, except by casting (brag: I'm a girl, you can not test ;-) ) we'll see!

Bankroll = $ 221. My granny, who teaches poker, has decided to sponsor me by adding € 100 to play in Atlantic City. I have a sponsor, woo-hoo ;-).

Back in October then. GL to all.


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