Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cheerleader Signs And Noise Makers

Lots of good news for this update!
First, a tour that will take us a few countries where a party with our friends THE SIOUX from October 23 to 31

It should look like this: * V 23
chambéry pilots with ALWAYS THERE
* S 24 GNF factory festival "we care about the fire at the lake"
* D 25 Heerlen , hol De Plu squat (w / the Sioux)
* L 26 waiting for a room in brussels. (w / the Sioux) * M 27
awaiting answers ... (w / the Sioux)
* M 28 Helsingor, Dk with mig mig and ve n (w / the Sioux)
J 29 * Copenhagen, DK to the new Ungdomshuset (w / the Sioux)
* V 30 Groningen, Hol hondiep to squat (w / The Sioux) S 31 *
Erstein, Fr, in the basement of a house.

And so, for the occasion, we released a split 7 "LEXOMYL / THE SIOUX, which here is a detail of the artwork concocted by IVAN BROWN . Let me tell you that is super happy with the mouth of this disc. 3 titles that everyone should be available very soon.
MP3 Fuck (of being a kid)

It will also play on Nov. 7 in Grenoble at 102 for a day of support for screen printing 103 and Las Vegan, screen printing, meals, concert. With LOST BOYS of Montbeliard.

That is just about everything and that's not bad.
Otherwise, it will you?


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