Sunday, November 22, 2009

Serviette Folding Book

gains a level (dzoing)! Teasing

Here I am now in kindergarten to middle school section of SnG, as I set myself a limit and not too bad yourself first and the one who says that s it! The $ 6 turbo, it goes well. This is not madness nor you, but I do not see how I could complain

Played Won
$ 6.00 SnG
\u0026lt;T = 10j
$ 275.85
13.69 40.00

$ 154.75

To give a boost to the bankroll, I opened an account with Full Tilt rakeback at (pseudo madGerbil En , my nickname was taken). Referral Bonus + Welcome Bonus + rakeback = somewhat profitable operation profitable home ... I've already recovered $ 123, or half stack bonuses or ah ... my bankroll 6 months ago ^ ^? Well, nothing to say, FTP is very good too, a few random crashes, apart from that it's nickel.

PS But I miss it anyway, so I returned secretly playing HORSE in play money.

volume level, I do my best this month, I could never unlock more game time than that, so I act proactively to try to break my leg (like at Christmas I'll go skiing). And also I am working to collect more tables at once, but it does not ...
Already brag: I passed the 4 tables on the screen, 5-6 in stacked now, Wuhu! Here

graphics, because it is pro even when the rest of the note is in tears.
is beautiful huh? This is because it goes up, that's why.

Atlantic City

Overall, the experience was kind of bof bof. The town is gloomy, the weather could not have been more fitting, and for reasons beyond my control, I could only play tournaments on the evening of Harrah's, a $ 58 + 12 on Thursday and a $ 105 + 20 Friday (sold as deepstack but enkuler laughing!). No cash game, the Borgata bye and so long my friend: the next time I go I want to play alone or with other players, and just for that.

Well, ok then, it was always a live experience. Weee. I had the privilege to go out on a nice AK \u0026lt;AA to the tournament bubble Thursday and AK \u0026lt;AJ on the Friday. Yes, the bubble too. Beautiful balance, 5 / 5 live tournaments ending with a minimum 80/20 in my ass ... But Arggggghhhhh! Fortunately there


I will have the opportunity to speak once on site, but I'm going to play the satellites of the Marrakesh Poker Open in the eye: . All because I'm a female, I hope you're green ;-). The summary here is how: . I think I'll play the sat of 15000 and 2 sats of hand, and if there is time lost to try to get initiated coverage, it can be fun. Again thank you to Roger Hairston and Xewod.

Bonus poo, fart control

Well, I makes me laugh, but you do not have ^ ^.


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