Saturday, February 17, 2007

Holly Willoughby Cancan


Russia is proposing in its websites SM remnants of Stalinism became sexual at the time of the Net. You read Soljenitzin? See the remake. Some say they are charmed by the girls 'nature'. Everything except a-me-ri-cans or too low, commercial and artistically posed ... Well I guess. Others resist this wonder. For our Loubar kgbistes to nape shaved recycled in porn do not lace. The instruments they flog thighs quartered under duress links are weapons. The bad flash illuminates a shameful RĂ©galade their eyes. Result, see these striated ass blistering, beaten and beaten again until they have the appearance of a rare steak.

So for the cow, one clicks here looks like another, and the bitchiness, there . But why go through the prejudices that are the result of a wimp? A trip to Singapore 's next choice for anyone who wants to show a generosity of spirit even more cosmopolitan. All

put forward under the slogan "Exclusive and authentic! "Imagine So. These are the uncontrolled slippage is an honest man? We only dream to entrust his MasterCard number. And like me, you say: "Offside! "

These people have to take. Read more (p. 99)

But yes, yes, the Minister of State Security Abakumov himself does not disdain the dirty work (Suvorov's first line!); It sometimes does not balk at handling the rubber truncheon. This is all the more willingly as his deputy Ryumin strikes. It is engaged in this occupation to Soukhanovka in a true "general office". The walls are paneled in walnut, silk curtains are hung on windows and doors, a large Persian carpet is lying on the ground. To avoid damage to all this beauty, it runs over a dirty carpet, full of bloodstains. And not a single guard, but a colonel who helps Ryumin to beat his victims. "Good," said politely Ryumin, stroking a rubber truncheon about four centimeters in diameter, you have very well stood the test of insomnia (Al. .. Dr. D. was succeeded by a ruse to keep any months: he slept standing). Now let's try the baton. People do not resist more than two or three sessions. Take off your pants and lie on the carpet. The colonel sits on his back. AD prepares to count blows. It is unclear what a rubber truncheon blow on the sciatic nerve when, after a long starvation, buttocks were emaciated. We do not feel to the place where it is put forth, but it seems that the head has broken into pieces. From the first shot, the victim is driven mad with grief, twisted nails on the carpet. Ryumin strike by reaching the right place. Colonel supports its weight of meat, that's the job that suits three large stars of uniform to attend the all-powerful Ryumin! (After the meeting, the victim can no longer walk, they do not wear it, of course, one lagging behind. Soon his buttocks swell so much that she can not button his pants, but there is almost no traces of blows . A violent diarrhea trips and sat on the bucket in his cell, D. laughs. He has yet to undergo a second and a third session, the skin will burst. Ryumin of fury will begin to hit on the stomach , he transfercera the peritoneum will escape the bowels of a huge hernia is take the prisoner to the prison hospital of Butyrki with peritonitis and attempts to make him commit an outrage s'interrompront temporarily.)

Who dares argue that traditions are lost?


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