Thursday, February 22, 2007

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board and turned

It haunts our dreams, this posh Swiss pension where young Swiss women and other girls from all sources and of the same class made imperative by the chance of a birth in the ass Silk ... are controlled by their distraught parents to an institution steeped in rigor for demanding the moon on every tone and with what bitterness.

Should we imagine as a hénaurme cabin balconies decorated with geraniums, classes devoted to snow and green, and which arise the fuss-or-tis? Or rather more severe in the guise of raising their crenellated towers feared mass wheat behind bars with the clicking sounds the death knell of seclusion at a time when the lost paradise vacation fades like a mirage rising while the concrete terms of regret and the tears pour out? The

all, as you please. What makes it

lack of cramming declensions and stumbling over the equations with two unknowns, when comes the time when and bare black branches of aspen that surround the walled garden behind their slender fingers on the keyboard glittering star? Otherwise

cowering in the arms of a stranger yesterday, big wolf today chuhchotter for him all his recent troubles large and small, while it a quiet and unexpected balm av ec ingenuity unexpected loneliness in which one is recluse, all thirsty for maternal hugs that put a red dot on the i of the word fuck.

Consolations banned? Carefully guarded secret, a treasure of affection which the source should not be dried up, since flows enthusiasm, it is found to use. Since its noising awaken the hardships, the claws would come out of an institution where one does not trifle with love. Where we hear hardly see the girls take a deposit on the pleasures that are fair and attractive return for a well-designed marriage and virginity which raises the domestic bid.

And secrecy makes blood sisters by the rigorous whipped the belt, the formidable baton applied in camera and ex post no doubt, that would punish the disclosure of such differences. He did even better shudder when it comes time to commit them. When a girlfriend enters on tiptoe to your room for you summon you commit or you resign waving under your nose the love note that says it all. When a doe, and whose dead cusiosité trembling thighs flex already sells the fleeting splendor , unique first drop their trousers to cut away a strip of original bridal, dazzling, one that we do live several s never the same lover, for offering him on a silver platter as a virgin's heart, while his broken hand and expert fumbles with exercise, is busy, busy at Stripping a very nice ass. It first scans of the apple. Then collects his fingers made as those of a pianist and slowly grabbed the binoculars loaves that bulge to better accommodate knead and waddle complacently while the loin, belly, round, supple begin their balllet hug. A few light slaps

, air, tenderly applied side yard and side yard recall, recall the disastrous consequences of the fault at the moment it is committed, like spice Enco re better ripple that run through the crotch and Well entice sex flourished. And the evocation of academic rigor awakens quite the eye which, over the shoulder is looking, cross, line up and plunge to the bottom of hearts till Delov the folds of an irresistible impulse which asks only to be revealed. For the flesh so far and lonely recluse who whispers and squeaks its first accents, his ardor initial dreams only to scream, to appear as: delightfully wild. While this mock training raises the tide of dreams in the heart of our princess, index, key agile appear, begin their back and forth all along the already engorged lips and glossy female, fixed gaze fascinated by his accomplice. For this fun hitherto confined under the quilt show is now in broad daylight, which multiplies the delights.

And while the return is accelerating, the breath becomes more breathless than s'écartèlent and thighs clench, as the knees dig the soft cushions of the couch, the race Time seems suspended, as the rising tide of a raging uncontrollable impulse, our vixens do not notice that ... behind them, the door opens in the barely audible click of the latch, as the gap an eagle eye spotting his prey lands on their flesh pink and rifles.


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