Monday, October 22, 2007

Ever Been In Headscissors

What we do with her ass ... Very

What is done with his ass or that of others ... is done with his heart and that of its dissimilar. Neurons must first be hooked before the butt are in cahoots. Moreover, sometimes a rider seems seductive patter stage approach works, the photos sent by e-mail does not show up too badly, reflecting the fact that they are not very recent ... but the contact of flesh and nonosse turns surreal.

What to do? Leave your mount invocations to Buddha, my friend and meditate on the futility of desire, smoke and mirrors of the soul. Or book yourself a fallback position.

Thus, an exploratory trip that takes you by bus from Montreal to Quebec City (three hours) in search of happiness hoped ... will be a second object, or the exposure offered by the Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec, representing some of the most beautiful paintings of the Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux-Arts in Paris. And Sarah Bernhardt, lavishly deployed its Ottoman bounced, you console a former firecracker and daughter of good family who has regaled you Telephone mang remnants of a formerly received education on the benches of Stanislaus ... Miss yesterday having degenerated into a poor adipose whose eyes would shine and even improbabilities than a thousand professional engulfed in a terrible abyss of debt, while the wolf howling at the door. Information taken.

It is eleven o'clock. Gasping for breath, imagination, words, after a week packed thank you, you share it with Muscadet de Sevres away in your rucksack and stuff in the fridge rickety smoked salmon, pasta, focaccia with olives that were constitute the feasts of a weekend rogue, because you usually you have pointed to the food as Roxanne in the siege of Arras.

After a night of perfect chastity, thank you for your kind hospitality at dawn repack your holy frusquin food in less of course and quit stroking her hair in passing: "Courage . "

In raking light and silver, you mount an assault on Quebec, the capital surrounded in all its shiny walls of the rain from yesterday, which will climb the steep streets such as San Francisco to chew the passage the warm mane trees that spread in splendor on the Hill.


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