Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Biggest Online Skate Park


Among the countless graces that Roman Catholicism has fulfilled humanity, the iron fist of authoritarianism is no doubt that he would soon bless ... since it raises the most dazzling and explosive return of the repressed that is, freedom, equality, fraternity oblige. In the social body, the history of France and Spain we administer the evidence. The Stalinist conception of spirituality submits his flock to a theocratic yoke and adjusted if binding it will drive them all to fuck up. Quebec was once reduced to a colony by investing church civil society from the inside like a party-state. She has deteriorated in that Claudel called Tibet Catholic ... at the cost of illiteracy - with emphasis on anal - swallowing the rank of Third World countries. All compounded by a spirit of submission which defuses entrepreneurship and a hatred of wealth, the only logical consequence is the impoverishment of many. Therefore, the peons forced to perform their duties, using their kneecaps before the prelates and basking pavoisent as in the ecclesiastical fashion show in Rome. Bravissimoo, Fellini.

Benefiting bodies and hearts, in a more intimate register, ecclesiastical authoritarianism is deployed in the inner circle of the school where the suspect meat, kidneys daily surveyed are haunted by the specter of pulses that can not die well that educators strive to crucify instinct always guilty with a great deal. This little prison world is the classic. Cadenacées its listings, its Gothic towers raising their black mass with a full moon night that the shadows wandering travels are vomitting long after graduation marking the return to a precious freedom. Hear the rule descend majestically on the back of the guilty, unveiled and presented as an offering, the white panties regulatory offering only thin protection against the fiery attack on the hardwood; see this girl drawn in ferocity whose cheeks bathed in tears testify to the cruelty of the punishment as she recites Ave Maria with a devotion so touching. Mater et Magistra! Virgin and martyr. Martyr, at least. How do I know?


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