Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thick White Discharge Before Menstral Cycle

What Is The sound of one hand clapping? Ave Maria gratia plena

Zen riddle. We find the answer? Listen

the fly method applied with determination, slapping slapping who pounce on the rebound and blush end, the delicate fabric of bare skin, tight and tidy, the wailing cries extorted from the fault. Have we approached lapped and petite glass door of the headmaster's office? Just steps from the paternal study? In the corridor adjacent to the bedroom of a young girl whose recent conduct requires firmness? All as you please, drive my brother, my sister reader ... yes, yes, I know how stretched ear, with what thrills you follow the unfolding of this drama until the admission of tears burst forth, delicious, strangled, like the gurgling of a fountain, a hymn of repentance.


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