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record for use by officers called to order military Muslim North African

Here is a selection of quotes from the leaflet. It was I who put in some red passages that seem representative of the colonial mentality at work here. It's like this for 55 pages! If you want to read the whole click here to download in PDF (watch the file is large, 20 MB).


intellectually by a religion which has taught the concepts can be very different from ours, shaped by social institutions, manners and customs have changed little from those of Western societies, the Muslim North African, when it arrives Regiment, as it is before a new world.

Forced to bend sharply to the ways of being and behaving, dressing, eating, sleeping well, which is neither accustomed nor prepared , subject to rules life and that contrast discipline the disorganization and carelessness of his previous existence, receiving orders at every moment he does not initially, since it ignores the most often French, risking punishment which do not always know the motives or the scope, he hesitates, is mistaken, makes mistakes. Thence home, frequently at the beginning of his military career, a real confusion that may hurt the judge and lead to mistakes if the NCO in charge of his education is unknown to determine the causes and take action vis-à-vis him the right way.

This newcomer has qualities that may yet make him an excellent soldier and showed his brilliant participation alongside ours in many campaigns: pacification of Africa, Crimea, Italy, Mexico, Madagascar, Tonkin and European wars of 1870, 1914-18, 1939-40.

Son of a race strong and energetic, loving traditionally the "last stand", with a high sense of honor, the taste of the wide and generous gesture, the fantasia, while not neglecting the resources of cunning and the trick, this warrior-born is indeed evidence of real soldiering skills as we understand it.

Strong, agile, sober, resistant to fatigue and weather, gifted with keen eyesight and a very acute hearing, it is a great walker and can become a good shooter, a skilled fighter .

In love with anything that increases the strength and prestige, eager to learn, he learned quickly enough with the handling and operation of modern weapons and their place has nourished even a kind of cult naive.

Respectful of authority provided it is firm and fair, it can be devoted to their leaders to death.

Knowledge, dignity, good performance, the professional conscience, coolness him dictate.

His courage, his defiance of the danger is clear and carry the remains of a notion of religious order: God, master of human destiny, gives or takes life as he pleases. It is his will that controls the hello or death. But self-esteem also helps to courage and that of Muslim North African, highly developed, often leads to pride.

Jingoistic, and sensitive to the plume, making it especially lace and decorations, and dream of it awarded .

Deeply religious, finally, there is a sense of duty, bowed to the moral rules and the need hierarchies.

These qualities vary depending on whether city dwellers or country folk, men of the plains or the mountains, Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians, Arabs or Berbers of origin but, in most recruits and enlistees, they are quick to assert themselves if necessary has been done to promote development.

But this soldier was also the defects of his qualities .

His pride of character is usually accompanied by exaggerated sensitivity. Where a suspicious attitude, a tendency to bitterness, the recriminations and sometimes head shots that can lead to serious misconduct against discipline.

For pride as well, he readily gives gifts, spending all his money to appear, "proves improvident and puts this in difficult situations he tries to pull by resorting to methods more or less desirable.

Made of contrasts, it is indeed sometimes unscrupulous, while also seen to seek righteousness and nobility . The concealment can take home unimagined proportions and bring it to deny the evidence with an assurance that the European disconcerting.

Wary by instinct, it is difficult to book.

The clan spirit, if pushed into his tribe, he remains in the barracks and encourages him to train with fellow small ,, Coff "which cultivate friendships and enmities, complicity and rivalry, devotion and hatred. This approach can lead to states of affairs detrimental to harmony which should prevail in a section, a company, squadron, and interfere in a serious measure, the exercise of command.

atavistic trend also taste of the chicane, the discussion , pushes him to quarrel with his classmates, their quarrel for reasons often futile. His temper drags him to violent attitudes and sometimes brutality regret that, once returned to calm, but the prospect of sanctions does not always succeed in preventing.

In contrast to these attitudes and violent conflict with each other, be seen to be flexible, duplicity, and even use flattery with those of its leaders, who should express their interest . We will also sometimes humble and sometimes vain, sometimes generous, sometimes selfish, sometimes unselfish and sometimes greedy, sometimes patient, sometimes impatient, sometimes tense in the effort and sometimes prone to laziness and carelessness .

his conduct vis-à-vis women will be affected by this instability: toughness that usually manifest towards them suddenly yield to movements of passion that can make all the madness for a girl bad life ...

instruction being among Muslim North Africans the preserve of a privileged class, the rifleman, mostly illiterate , do not find distractions in the intellectual sphere. Also he looks in various hobbies, and more particularly its reach in the game Games cards, dominoes, from lotteries, gambling has its preferences, which is not without drawbacks and even dangers when it is doing it without excess.

Accustomed to only drink water or soft drinks, fermented and prescribed him his religion, he gets drunk very quickly as soon as he is tempted by the wine or alcohol and absorbs sometimes to excess, to the point of no longer control himself and to engage in the most reprehensible acts.

smoker, he also uses willingly,, hashish "or,, kif" who brutalize those who use them, undermining their health and lead to tuberculosis or mental disorders.

Vindictive, finally, he will devote to that, leader or friend, who was treated unjustly or maliciously resentment that time does not always succeed to erase.

Although strong, it may be subject to physical failures. Sleep deprivation, for example, it costs and if the ranking is not careful, sleepiness can take home over all other considerations , including concern for the record, even if it is placed in a perilous position. Cold can also destroy his faculties when it is a fraction.

These traits are generally those of all military Muslim North Africans, given, as has been said, their regional origins, social or ethnic groups. They change more or less over the years of service and it can happen that military education produces its effects, they give way to a state of mind is very similar to that of the French.

But sometimes the influence of the military profession, far from improving, especially where the parties have had experience with uncomprehending heads or ignorant of their mentality, some defects in them increases and makes old riflemen, those in particular who failed to get braids, angry and bitter beings, with whom he should use more caution that 'with young people. There is, in this case, a question that requires trial by the officers having the control of intelligence and tact.

In summary, the Muslim North African military, with its combination of qualities and faults, his true abilities in the profession of arms and the inferiority it derives from its crude and unorganized nature , oppositions and contrasts of his character, his impulses and his failures, is a human matter rich but delicate to handle . It offers the chef who has under him the possibilities of command of the most interesting, but not without risks and without danger.

The train, instruct and make him an excellent soldier, he is likely to become one of the most involved tasks that an officer or NCO can assume during his career. It requires above all the study of reflection and decision. Knowledge of rules which dominate and which are the main chapter Next, as the will and faith, shall allow the carrying out, by assuring those to whom it is entrusted to the satisfaction of the most comprehensive and highest. "

[pp. 22 and following]

"Watch carefully signs of excitement sometimes arise unexpectedly in a man, especially among blacks. These real cases of insanity often lead to murder. Do not ignore the views of indigenous non-commissioned officers in this regard. "[P.32]

" d) Physical education.

A physical education, not surprising the inflexibility inevitable in men who have previously had no preparation in sport.

Do not make too many sessions. Do not overdo stretching exercises, especially in winter in cold climate regions. Move quickly to practical exercises such as jumping, running and ball games.

the native is naturally a great runner and a thrower remarkable. These two qualities are very useful in the military profession, can easily be developed methodically through education.

e) Instruction shooting.

At the School of the shooter and the pomegranate, native, who has a passion for shooting, will get satisfactory results if a continuous practice and discipline of correct fire to trend,, Fantasia "and waste ammunition. He gets drunk to shoot and therefore draws badly, thinking only of noise.

It is therefore crucial to lead with the greatest care education and practice shooting and demands strict application of the discipline of fire. This portion of training French special responsibility to executives who must commit to teach the concepts slowly and patiently from the beginning and not discharge that duty on indigenous frameworks.

f) Employment of specialists.

Some jobs will be specialists in principle and to the extent permitted by the numbers, reserved for Europeans. "[P. 34]


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