Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wittnauer Compared To Rolex

A Sit'n'Go, coconut? I'll

You, faithful reader (largely imaginary but at the same time, can you imagine my stats ;-)), you left on March 1 DoN singsong player who found that 17% ROI, after all it was just ... In April, everything changes!

But it's a scandal!
How did we get here, eh
, how?

change: I went to Sit $ 5.5 9j, finished the DoN ... After looking in detail some stats on regs, I saw the incredible volume that they play to increase their BR: I felt so insignificant that I got scared. Example:

Me, I had a red dot and a half. Break-even on 2000 tournaments without even a heads-up from time to time? No thanks. I played 136H in 3 months and 141 DoN. To achieve its number of tournaments played, I take about ... 22 years, it's quiet. And in 22 years of poker, I expect a little better than that anyway ;-).

With my 2 / 3 evenings per week poker, half reserved for the moment to play MTT gratos GagneUnMax of which could, on a miraculous misunderstanding or a joke of AA, the goddess of the cat, send me to Vegas for the WSOP, already high volume level was wrong party. And when I say evening is not 20h-4h but the 20h-23h ... Catching up a tad multitabling 40 DoN? Beyond 4 tables, my fingers explode and I smoke coming out of ears, so it's nice, but no.

With volume so low, that shit bubbles bubbles to play to win 3 balls (class, right?).

For écroulage of perfs, see left, I have really nothing more to tell a little crispy evening tilt (yes STILL, it will you, shut up), which alone has demolished all March results ...

Yes, dear reader faithful, just as in January.

Standard-Gerbil: I had just done a pretty good session of 8 SnGs, my daily goal, and I pulled on fatigue to make 6 of more by greed ... 2 tables were not open but I do not have realized that once out (I told you I was a big Brel, no?). Highly concentrated (but alas on something else), I did get wasted on the other 4. Assessment of the little dance: $ -32, roughly all my benefits in March.

But damn, I hit my $ 50 Bonux Welcome, my first bonus to me, and I'm still a little proud. My entire bankroll ch'tite sick baby has more mouth already!

So, as I have made a cash game for ages and that the only parts that I live can offer me and my house is more than financed by money from the bread, I transferred from a $ PS dormant, they have joined their friends to start doing a bit of BR management. Above
like that, I feel hyper rich. That

below results without any interest, since in addition to not look like anything they are based on samples so small that they mean nothing. But at the same time, gentle reader, already you're not forced to read either. In addition, I've crossed that crânent to donf with ROI of 80% over 10 tournaments, then hey, I'm allowed to spread as if my Loose I want.

Type Number played KING Net won
DoN $ 5.40 147 4.56 $ 36.2
$ 5.50 SnG 44 $ -34.9 -14.43
Set $ 5 191 0.13 $ 1.3


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