Monday, May 18, 2009

Titles About Body Disorders

Passed in turbo mode (t)! (Maj)

Sorry for this big delay in the blog notes, the CPE mister! I have a good excuse this time, Sir, my mother she gave me a word, look, mister.


I certify that my daughter madGerbil has unable to note his blog on time because she has spent time working on SnG Wizard. As you know, she'll have much more work to be provided in writing in math to become a winning SnG and share a little their dollars instead of continuing to lose time in your school to write crap on the Internet.
Besides the demo only lasted a month, so long as it has not grind enough SnGs to pay for the license, it can always go to brush your ovaries to have his finances.

PS: tell me if it sends the new box with an air cons 86/1/0, 5 that has 3 times the carpet, we will adjust the dosage of his treatment.


Z'allez not stick me again, Sir, eh?
[madGerbil team cleavage innocent and launches a tender combo x 2 + pout flickering eyes moist penalty to parry: 50%]

Hahaha, I've eaten yet, this BIG cunt, whore it is too naive I'm not even stuck! What? Huh? What "behind me"?

And SHIT [1] !

Well, in truth, all the while I still have some work with SnG Wizard yes, it was a civil substantive right. I mostly read Moshman, very helpful, and analyzed a little bit of everything bad in the last run, which looks impressive on the right hand curve when in fact he was rather short, we understand better that of Left:

What deduct? Without a certain amount to keep the level of my game is big shit, and $ 5, I do not have enough edge to be winning it for now on ps. Splashy. I can not tell you the slap in the ego, it burns my fingers to type it nothing: I am unable to talk about it IRL I think ...
"Hello, my name madGerbil, and I am losing about $ 5 PS. Bouhouhouhou the teu-hon ...

when I had the impression that the level has mounted much lately, I see quite sharp moves and a lot of players who are usually $ 10 or even $ 20 ... brokitude wave that would push the Sharks from CM2 to fall back on the globular plankton large section of the tongue? suffer so that I surmises, because it would be much easier if c That was true ;-). But anyway we are not going to start making the selection of tables from the $ 5 tournaments, does it?

That made me decide to descend on the $ 3 turbo to see if the air is cooler. I told myself that in any case, the SP turbos being little more than normal turbos Winamax I was in a good school, and it would surely be a good way to boost my game volume without lengthening days. Well there's no picture. The series is easy to find on the graph above, it starts ... before yesterday, the red dot. So let me that I fart for posterity. All humanity must know that for 2 days, I rule the $ 3 PS.

the 2 sessions, I exploded like never before. It's fast, nervous, and this limit they shake almost every game as big assholes on the bubble, so it's paradise when the aggressive blinds 50/100. Obviously there are a lot of good run-in there anyway, but what joy to impose some suck-outs of space after a sustained series of 1 outers affecting!

And what comfort to have 40 BI ahead! Not a moment in the session, I did not need to worry for my bankroll, I could play fine: it changes everything, but EVERYTHING!

Moral: do NOT try to burn limits and bankroll management is good. Yes, I know, it is agreed that very moral, but hey, it's humans who wants it, we learn so much better when we experiment ... Ah ... fingers in the outlet, the oven door, the first hinge that closes on a toe, the mentos in the coke, the first rake, lollipops uh ... Brief.

AA, Goddess of the pussy, that raise is sweet when you make us a little about the EV you rob us, bitch (that affectionate)!

[1] Inspired by a true story.


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