Friday, May 29, 2009

Do You Have To Pay For Wifi

Insert cards or smileys in blogger posts

You want to make your hands blogged more readable? You can add to a list of Blogger to insert their card icon with a single mouse click. This is just a variation of a script that is normally used to insert smileys, you will find here . It installs exactly the same way as for the cards described below. You can install both at the same time if you like.

Here's what it looks for Maps:

There is just click and presto, the image is inserted.

ad kd qd jd td

It starts with pre-requisite: it will not work as described below with Firefox.
For Safari and Chrome, there will be some more manipulations to predict. I will not detail them here: Mac users have a cult very active community, so they will demmerder them by eating apples as usual, fans of Chrome have migrated to the pleasure of finding a minimalist interface that draws, I'm not sure whether the "heart target "of this type of tuning ...

Everything goes through a plugin called Greasemonkey and settled there:

Download Page Greasemonkey .

Greasemonkey allows you to edit a page web locally using javascript.
It therefore allows in our case to include clickable icons in the Blogger interface via one of these scripts, but it is very far from the only possibility of the widget, it can serve a whole bunch of things to help collectors Youtube videos, bittorrent fans, fans tuning in Gmail ... etc. In short, a search for "best Greasemonkey scripts" in Google will tell you more. Just for Blogger y'en has 11 pages.

CAREFUL BUT EVERYTHING you install with Greasemonkey! With a script not reliable, the risk is great to open a major security flaw, you are warned!

Once Greasemonkey is installed, simply click on a file with a. Js to install it locally.
The script retrieves the cards here: .
By clicking on the file bloggercardicons.user.js, we get this window:


Simply choose "Install". Moving now to the compose tab in Blogger, you should see the icons. Once clicked, it is positioned at the end of the text by default, but can be traced back to the mouse in 2 seconds.

And presto, another straight flush:

ac kc qc jc tc.

EDIT: subtlety for those who have ugly default border around maps or alignment problems ... By going to Format / Edit Html code, simply add

{padding: 0;
margin: 0;
border: 0;}

just before (Without the spaces):

]]> < /b:skin >
< /head >

< body >

to remove the borders and provide a standard alignment, only for cards / smileys course.

Feel free to ask questions in comments, today I fiber educator and I am good hair.


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