Friday, March 7, 2008

What Does Turquoise Jelly Mean

Living in Algeria colonial times

I ) Organization of the government in Algeria :

A) Basic steps in the administration conducted in Algeria :

colonization between 1870 and 1900

From 1871 to 1881 Returning to the colonial official who had been abandoned during the Second Empire, two prominent governors, Admiral and General Chanzy Gueydon, give it a new essor.De new centers are created in three departments, and is populated with French from the mainland, either with the French in Algeria. After 1881, and until 1902, is the official colonization slows. The extension of the settlement eventually absorb the land which the state provides. Also, after 1881, for lack of available land and credit to buy, it was necessary to reduce the creation of centers. Only after 1902, following the institution of the special budget, the official colonization resumed its momentum.

Nour, Chanez, Sarah and Meriem.

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