Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Actress With Curly Red Hair

Poker? Gerbil? Huh?

all started because of Patrick Bruel. Besides, I'll tell you a story I already read at least twice elsewhere, a figure statistically valid proof that this demonic singer has caused much of a virtuous innocent subscribers encrypted string into the hell of sulfur vice of gambling internet makes our young killers crazies with semi-automatic weapons. At least.

Yippee, read more!

poker Hello world!

I was gnawing at the couch watching TV (or vice versa, whatever), and there I see a program hosted by Bruel said on poker, and now I burst out laughing! Do you think I already played strip poker (it closed at 5 cards [1] ) in colorectal, level strategy, it raises still well below the tarot, and even below the Kem's, then there would bah .. .

And the show progresses, I do not quite understand what's happening before my eyes ... Phew, it's a bit more complicated than it looks. [TROLL] Or not, however, ultimately it is all about cycles of luck indeed! Easy. [/ Troll].
first observation, the words of poker-de-la-tele throw in, but then really. Blind, button, call, raise, all-in. English words that burn out, which I speak, I do not know why, it purely emotional. And the chips, their sound, gesture that goes with almost magical, the solemn mass, a little overwhelming-the table that contrasts so well with kitsch total money raised above the bimbos with plastic palm trees attached: one is so far of my universe ... That nothing in fact, love at first sight, essentially irrational.
But I love the competition, maps and probes. The psychological aspect of the game attracted me immediately. So in hindsight, the only question that comes is: how could I miss the poker so long?

We are then in May 2007, I opened my account playmoney a room with W in [2] and I start with level 0 of the root base of the bottom of the poker tournaments cheapest in play-money. And soon enough, it works! Honorable places in freerolls (gutless, gutless +1, +2 ... assholes) and pick up a bonanza of more than $ 46,000 (wow !)... still in play (boo).

I invest in Poker Cadillac, I devoured, and I'm fascinated by the beauty of the game concepts

In addition yay, this is a new excuse to tinker! I'm building my first table, a table-top folding octagonal with authentic generic velvet fabrics in Toto, tubes and pipe insulation for all Skai rotten. Yes, basically, I KNOW it is a bit ugly. But I love it.

first deposit, and first live tournament with friends for peanuts, good laugh.

For online, the results are partial, but mostly bad, and I can not see clearly between May 2007 and November 2008 ... Why? Not yet tracker stats that Ongame, which is already a handicap because of their size difficult to use sqlite, but more ... French, here is the best of the best. I also had the excellent idea to specialize in tournaments "local" on W that are listed nowhere by SharkScope and co. For them, all traces of result has disappeared forever. Snif.

Partial results then, but awful. To give an idea, according SharkScope ROI of 519 tournaments: -9%. Worse, the decline is accelerating towards the end of the period ... It lacks most of MTT when I made small perfs, but it does not change the underlying problem. I normally read and understand enough theory to be at least winning in tournaments between $ 1 and $ 5 buy-in, plus I know I am capable of discipline and concentration, so it's bound to be a psychological explanation .. .

The year 2008 was very busy, with a commitment to a time-consuming activity volunteer who was added to a full-time surrounded by an hour ride morning and evening. So I just played and played when I was far too often in one of these states of mind:

- Default: gerbil-elephant-lock [No Limit calling station] .
So tired that I am no longer able to do my job, my eyes are blurred ... Here, I'll wake up in poker before pausing to get back! One solution to not sleep, the yaka-play-GAL. Wonderful: I play 50% of hands, there's action! Raise? Unnecessary. Bed? But why do high J's something ... Oh shit, I'm left only 1 / 4 my stack, I have an M of 12! Fast, it sounds spot on time to tighten the game to death. Here, once again I finally burst through the blinds ... Bravo.

- Variant, gerbil-jackal [noob pwned u fkd §§§§, contest stouquette spotted].
It typically starts like this: I have not done my job, but shit, shit shit, I too have the right to relax brothel! I'm gonna make like a poker, it'll calm me down. What is he doing this moron to open to 2 times the pot on a flop of bricks when he was just wedged pre-flop? You want to play smart big con? Here, the V'la your reraised my fishou, you're happy? But he pays me the badger, hallucinating!
[...] Where he nabbed three of a kind him? Ah, but I actually covered ... Top of the pop.

- Another variant, the gerbil-happy [when I'm happy, I vomit tokens].
All is well, just that I'm happy to play after a long pause. Too want to carpet, then carpet! You have completed the 1267th place / 1288. Do not care, even carpet! What is it childish? He who says that there is! Oh, a big mad-tilt all in, great! Yeah, great.

Good. It could not go on like this, but it came at a time when the schedule was such that I could not play at all, so I handed the poker later, ruminating a "crisis plan" ...

five months later, in November 2008, finished the time-consuming undertaking, finally I get some free time to play! And then everything will change ...

[1] course with 8 jumpers, 4 pants, 3 t-shirts and socks 18 as it should ...

[2] I am now almost sure that a TV program seen at that time contained a subliminal advertising ...


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