Thursday, January 15, 2009

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The Return Of The Gerbil, Gerbil AKA Reloaded Strikes Back (episode 1)

In the previous Note, we stayed in a gerbil with a negative ROI, and played no more than state of permanent tilt ... What a beautiful trout. It is November 2008 and I finally found: game time, a mood more serene, more confident, more aggressive ... [Atmosphere: Music Rambo]
I want to play to win and I'll give the means!
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Emergency First, find a tracker to analyze the history and identify the faults of my game The issue was quickly resolved by itself, I do not know who found the deal stats tournament Ongame French ... Snif. I make a cross on the idea of working on past data, and with hindsight, it proved a very good thing for a fresh start free!

fresh start? Might as well go for it then. Changing room and nickname, a pure breath of fresh air so Narta pub ... I thought initially connect my new nickname with the former on the various forums where I train, but a discussion with a friend (arci!) Recently convinced me not to do ... My old nickname is practically a given name, it is linked to all activities that fill my life. You see the desire for a poker player not always proud its results? I become so madGerbil on Pokerstars. A full stock pot virgin. This is great.

I opted for Poker Tracker: I run the auto-import, you never know.
But what does it matter to him, he can not make the tournament Ongame normally ... Ah yes, I made a little cash game, it's true ...
WHAT? 19BB/100 in 1500 on NL10 hands! But I'm good actually!

I was turning my bankroll on Pokerstars, but I suddenly decides to leave it on Winamax, on one condition: no longer as cash-game there.
You will say, $ 40 (4 cellars!) To play NL10, do not push the blind under the carpet anyway! I know that I am insulting all the rules of bankroll management. But as long as doing n'imp with my old nickname from the beginning, I started one last challenge before abandoning it like a sock with holes ...

My goal will be to play at least 10,000 hands to see if I can control the limit. And it's a one-shot test in these circumstances: I'll go as far as my $ 40 initial permit ... If I master, my bankroll will grow anyway, and will eventually reach a day or another to tempt ... the NL10, because at one point he'll have to stop the bullshit anyway ;-). And if I'm broke, like My intention was to leave the room anyway, this will be done: I'll discover the NL2 fact, I shudder with fear in advance ...

At half the experience, I am + $ 34, but I have plenty to tell about it so I'll post specific.

I love the cash game, but my initial problem was most tournament play. I therefore $ 65 Brand New PokerStars ... Discovering emotion in the room (Ohhh! Whaaaa! Coool! There's no words, Pokerstars, at any point of view, it's still the class)

recap. I would like:
- Sequencing of the same tournaments buy-in for the material to feed statistical Poker Tracker and start to analyze my game
- Grow my bankroll, the safest way possible not to restart a downward spiral ...
- reassure me about the restarting neither too harsh nor too demotivating

I had a bankroll sufficient to make $ 5 fullring, but I read that the DoN was easy, with a reduced variance: I decided to start there, it met all my criteria. It is a priori not really exciting, but I missed playing so much that even the DoN fascinate me ;-)

For amount, I chose to start with the DoN $ 5. The rule was that if I spent less than $ 50, I went down to $ 1 DoN. It would have sawed off the nerves, but if we go through it to become a winner, I will go, that's all.

Well I came close to $ 51, and the anguish of guys who try recrosses prints straight QKA23 me stuck pretty kick ass! Out of 31 tournaments DoN $ 5, I was ITM 65% of the time, which assures me $ 33. I tried a shot in DoN $ 10, I won too, but I will seriously address the $ 10 if my bankroll reaches $ 150. I'm at $ 96, there is a LOT of work.

I used the results of the first 20 tournaments to analyze the most glaring weaknesses in my game, I do not regret investing there PT!

- For starters, I played more and SB 3 than at position ... button. Si
Fear of not being believed? Fear of a defense blinds? I do not know, I was very far from thinking that I played my position so badly! For the 3-position is the same in cash game. No idea why, since I know my position by VPIP recovered in the order on your own ...
- Game too aggressive preflop (VPIP 25%, PFR 8%). I thought to be at least 15% if you had asked me ;-). Finish this, rehabilitation strategy: raise or fold PF mandatory. That way no headache. The

tracker, I could not do without.

So I decided to start playing with the HUD for numbers in real time ... Basic result of these adjustments: January 2009, when I write: 11 tournaments, 100% ITM! It's beautiful, but it's beautiful!

Besides I return.


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