Monday, January 26, 2009

Sinus Infection Raises Blood Pressure

And there is the drama ...

So everything was fine, I had doubled my bankroll in January, and he seemed useful to use a spreadsheet to track my daily results ... Rather, it is not recommended in Poker Mindset, but between reading and experience, eh ... Now I know why ;-).

I had a slight fever, but I felt ready to play anyway (mistake 1). I stopped, I still welcome bonus PokerStars clearer, and the 500 FPPs are not going to make their own, so I decided to take this day to play the maximum (error 2). I run two DoN $ 5. At first, I lose 2 hands on, and I send the box to keep me. This is with AA, what do you, I have expensive taste, I paid 55 which has its set. No need to panic, this is NOTHING. Second tournament, table ultra-loose, I start to gamble like everyone else (error 3) ... OUT. Well, there it goes shit. I run 4 tables (Error 4), then re-2, I think only my spreadsheet magic and beautiful automatic rule that put the gains in green and losses in red (error 5). I do not want red. I earn 1 / 4, by a miracle. Nevermind, yaka donate to $ 10 (error 6) to catch it all ... You can guess the rest.

Very nice textbook case of tilt applied then. I wiped the result of forty tournaments in one afternoon. $ -44. Splashy. So, it's back to my spreadsheet anyway, but I had to make a break for a few days to swallow my pride ... I will repeat, gently, in good conditions, and more resolute than before. This is the first time I put pressure on a result of session tournament, I do not react at all in the same manner as cash game (thankfully!). Positivons was a form of tilt unknown to me, chances are it vaccinia me, at least for a time.

Then at work, we go back!


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