Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whats The Best Shotacon List

balance of 74% in January, with a ladle

Cash game: it will go fast, I only played 49 hands of NL10 to removal awaiting the start of a MTT on Winamax ... Appraisal: $ 12, including $ 10 (a basement!) Earned a confrontation AQo heroine / villain with KQo AKX flop. I'd love to tell you the hand into an epic, but I still hear the distant cry of pain the elephant pacifist, jovial, and very curious sharer who donated me his cellar, and I I said a little dignity for a creature that would be good practice evil. And fair play my Dumbo and more, "nh" he said after all wedged after 10s by interspersing "Takwa lol" between updates ...

Tournament: 42 DoN played $ 5, 70% ITM, with a nice set of 12 wins seen on the curve Top Shark. Balance: 59.40, more than doubling your bankroll!
Not bad, but I can do better still, there are at least 4 losses inexcusable in the heap (mode I'm glad I vomit tokens). I play 19/10/3, 5, on average, ultra-tight early in the tournament and with great pressure on the bubble ... Experience for fun, equipped with a scary carpet of 2500 the blinds 100/200, I raised systematically ALL hands 700. Guess what, 18 pots won now, not seen a flop, three players who are let to fall to the tune destacker 2BB! No comment ;-).


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