Friday, April 11, 2008

Answer To Ap Bio Lab 5 Cellular Respiration

Meet historian Claire Mauss-Chips

We received today the historian Claire Mauss-chips. Before the opening (partial and temporary ...) military archives in 1992, she has collected, from the late 1980s, evidence of conscripts from the Vosges. She has presented some photos taken by conscripts to show us how they wear it in the shadow of war. The opportunity to reflect on the image and the sources used in history.

To build on this day, here are the links and books mentioned by Claire Mauss-Chips:
  • These two books on conscripts. The first from the testimony and the second in which she studies most of the photographs seen today.
  • Sections referenced in the insurrection of Constantine the August 20, 1955 and violence at the heart briefs on the website of the League of Human Rights of Toulon.
  • The three fundamental works mentioned by Claire Mauss-chips to understand the War in Algeria: "Daniel Zimmermann News forbidden zone, Babel, 1996 René-
    Ehni, Algeria novel, Denoël, 2002
    Antoine Prost, Notebooks Algeria, Tallandier, 2005, and above all: Arlette Farge, Places for the history , Seuil, 1997.


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