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Play-mate Of The Apes Whach Free

Henri Alleg - Question

Henri Alleg

He was born in London in 1921. It was a Franco-Algerian journalist. He was a member of the PCF (French Communist Party) and Director of Algiers Republican.

In 1940, he settled in Algeria and was active in the Algerian Communist Party.

In 1951 he became director of the Algerian daily Republican.

He went underground in 1955, banning the newspaper. However, he continues to file stories in France, some of which will be published by Humanity.

He was arrested June 12, 1957 by paratroopers of the 10th at the home of Maurice DP AUDIN his friend, who was arrested yesterday and will be tortured to death. Henri Alleg was kidnapped a month in El-Biar, where he was tortured and suffered an interrogation after an injection of pentothal (truth serum). He was then transferred to Lodi camp where he stayed a month. Barbarossa then, the civil prison in Algiers. That's The Question wrote it, hiding the pages written by transmitting them to his lawyers . Three years after his arrest, Henri Alleg was charged with "threatening the external security of the State" and "recovery line dissolved "and sentenced to 10 years in prison. He was transferred to France and imprisoned in Rennes. Enjoying a stay in hospital, he will take the opportunity to escape.
Aided by communist militants he will join Czechoslovakia.

He returned to France after the Evian agreements, then to Algeria where he participated in the rebirth of Algiers Republican newspaper. Became "Persona Non Grata" in Algeria, he moved back to France in 1965 .

In 2005, Henri Alleg co-signed a letter to the President of the Republic, asking the French government to recognize abandonment harkis in 1962.
He is currently a member of the honorary president of the Center communist revival in France.


In Question , he told his period of detention and abuse there undergoes during the war of Algeria. First published in France by Editions de Minuit, the book was immediately banned. Nils Andersson the reissued in Switzerland, fourteen days after the ban in France in March 1958. Despite its ban in France, this book helped greatly to reveal the phenomenon of torture in Algeria. Some excerpts from the book:

[...] Then he said, it's not enough for you? It does not let you go. · Knees! "From his huge bats, I slapped at random. I fell to my knees, but I could not keep me right. I oscillate sometimes left, sometimes right: the blows of Erulin restored the balance when they not only threw me against the floor: "So, you mean? You're fucked, you understand. You're a dead man on leave! [...]

[...] Lorca tied me on the board: a new electric torture session began. "This time is the big gegene," he said. In the hands of my torturers, I saw a larger unit, and suffering even I felt a difference in quality. Instead of sharp and quick bites that seemed to tear my body was now a greater pain that sank deep into my muscles and all the twisted further. I clenched my links, I clenched my jaws on gag and kept my eyes closed. They stopped, but I continued to tremble nervously. [...]

[...] I was pushed into the kitchen and there they made me lie down on the garden and sink. Lorca around my ankles with a damp cloth and then tied tightly with a rope. All together, then they lifted me to hang, upside down, the iron rod of the hood above the sink. Only my fingers touched the ground. They amused me for a while to swing from one to another, like a sandbag. I saw that Lorca slowly lit a torch of paper up to my eyes. He got up and suddenly I felt the flame on sex and legs, whose hair caught fire in sizzling. I sat a jerk so violent that I stumbled Lorca. He began once, twice, and then began to burn me the tip of one breast. [...]
This book is very moving and representative of torture in Algeria as it is cruel, Henri Alleg describes simply but intensely, by denouncing it.


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