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Battle Algiers

The war in Algeria took place from 1954 to 1962 and leads to the independence of Algeria, former French colony. This war takes the form of a guerrilla. between the French army (paratroopers, legionnaires, Mobile Guards, CRS, harkis) to troops of the separatist National Liberation Army (NLA), the armed wing of the National Liberation Front (FLN). She also takes the guise of a civil war with the multiple bombings, assassinations .. On January 7, 1957, 8000 men of the Tenth Division paratrooper enter Algiers with the mission to pacify the city. They are commanded by General Jacques Massu, who are given full powers by Robert Lacoste. Upon arrival of the paratroopers, the FLN will respond with a wave of attacks.

From January 7, 1957, paratroopers hunt down terrorists throughout the city and resort to torture to talk to people suspected of having hidden bombs. The troops patrolled the city and searched at the entrance of public places, the Casbah of Algiers is surrounded by barbed wire, all those entering or leaving it are searched.
FLN leaders are finding that the guerrillas in the countryside does not interest the media much and public opinion, and decided to intensify especially in Algiers, the Algerian question is however debated at the UN.
The replica with the entry of the army in the city, causes indiscriminate attacks against Europeans, causing dozens of casualties. In early February, explosions at the municipal stadium in Algiers and at the stage of El-Biar are 10 dead and 34 wounded. In June, the attack on the Corniche casino kills eight people and injured a hundred. After this attack, Colonel Yves Godard replaces Colonel Marcel Bigeard. He now favors the infiltration of networks rather than torture. It and September 24, 1957, its paratroopers get their hands on Yacef Saadi, principal organizer of the attacks in Algiers. His confession can dismantle the networks.
On 26 January, bombs exploded in three cafes in the city, killing five people dead and 34 wounded. The FLN then launches a watchword for a general strike for January 28. The soldiers break the strike by forcing shops to reopen. The operation was a failure of the FLN. Massu men carry out mass arrests to root out militants of the FLN, which are about 5000. Massu quadrille the city with his troops. Neighborhoods "Arab" is curly. The paratroopers using files police challenge suspects by the hundreds before them together in a sorting center.

A French soldier uses a mine detector loops in Algiers on 16 January 1957.

The press publishes stories denouncing the routine methods: torture (electric shocks, hanging by members, tub ,...), summary executions of suspects, hasty decisions by military courts, shopping clandestine detention etc.. A Commission of Inquiry makes a damning report July 21, 1957. The daily Le Monde publishes, which earned him to be seized.
Politicians and the majority of citizens are well informed about what is happening in Algeria. But they prefer to remain silent before the excesses of the military. It is true that many bombs are discovered in time using information gathered through torture. The opinion on the issue divides French

The Battle of Algiers was won on the ground by the French army, practicing methods prohibited by the laws of war, and beyond the project "pacification" led by France. Nine months after obtaining full power, General Massu won the Battle of Algiers ", but at a price of 30 000 French victims, 250,000 Algerian whose 3024 disappearance of suspects and a majority of civilians.

Work done by Thomas and Vincent


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